ATTENTION: Are you A Musician Who Wants  to Build Strategic Relationships WIth Media Influencers?
How to build connections Like A Badass 
so you can grow your network & unlock more 
music opportunities even if you are an introvert 
or you HATE promoting yourself
What You Will Learn During This 4 Hour Workshop:
Secret #1: Confidently Connect WIth Anyone
Confidently connect with anyone in person and online. Know what to say to finally get the response you want.

Secret #2:
Network To Explode Your Music Career 
Learn to confidently connect with the right people who can offer you exposure and opportunities for your music.
Secret #3: 
Stand Out With Media Influencers
Learn the secrets to building long-term relationships with influencers so you can get more interviews, reviews, airplay, etc.
Artists pay hundreds to coach one-on-one with D Grant Smith
You can access his knowledge and get individual help for just $49!

About Your Workshop Host

D Grant Smith is the Growth Farmer For Success, helping creatives and entrepreneurs build strong, supportive connections and relationships. His work helps artists build strong connections and supportive communities with fans and music curators in media for success in audience building as well as helping people grow in confidence by operating from a healthy and strong mindset practice.
He’s the host/creator of The Appetizer Radio Show (internationally syndicated on public/indie radio) & The DIY Artist Route Podcast, and author of The DIY Musicians’ Radio Handbook and Be Solid: How To Go Through Hell And Come Out Whole (due in early 2019). Empowering and insightful, you will experience a powerful combination of encouragement and clarity from experiencing his presentations. Focusing on the power of personal development through internal investment and relationship building, D Grant's primary focus in on helping the people he works with live their best lives to benefit themselves and others.
What People Are Saying... 
"My work with D Grant has been invaluable to me in life and business, and I’m eternally thankful to the Growth Farmer for the skills and advice that each day produce a 
better me."  - Alex Terrell Russell, owner of Oddly Natural Marketing & Branding Co.

“D Grant Smith’s wealth of knowledge on the music industry could fill any library, but his true strength is reminding you of the importance of connections and relationships.
He lives and breathes this philosophy every day, and it shows. It’s such a breath of fresh air to encounter someone as genuinely caring and committed as D Grant.
The music industry is infinitely better for it.”  – Suzanne Yada, Signal Boost Collective; Musician 

"Musicians wanting to find their place today MUST exploit the new resources available to them. These streams of networking and promotion can be difficult to navigate and having an honest confidant can save miles of wrong direction. D Grant can help your career. That’s the bottom line.” 
–Elliott Park, Billboard #1 Songwriter/Musician
4 Hour "Building Connections" Workshop 
Join Us LIVE On Thursday October 4 For This 4 Hour Workshop
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In less than 4 hours you'll learn strategies to:
  •  Be more confident, be able to connect with anyone in person and online. Know what to say, and get the responses you want.
  • Be a badass at building connections with anyone in person and online for growth of your network and opportunities.
  • Connect with influencers in media for music promotion through interviews, reviews, airplay and more
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