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The Step-by-Step Blueprint to Create Massive Growth In Your Fanbase & Sustainable Income For Your Music Career
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Your Music Career Doesn't Look Like Everyone Else's...
Ok, we LOVE the internet. We LOVE how accesible information is to ourselves, to you... And we LOVE what's available to help artists like you.

But sometimes there's a missing link in all the one-size-fits-all systems out there.

The problem is, you're not building some franchise store; your career looks and feels entirely different from the next persons.

But we also know some people, perhaps you, prefer a more rock-solid path to follow.

So we got thinking... You're here because you want to tailor your music career...

...yet you're looking for a roadmap to speed up the process and avoid the pitfalls of the music industry.

And then it clicked...if we combined a proven musician business system, with ongoing coaching and community support to keep you accountable to actually use the information to build the career you want, you would finally be getting the best of both worlds.

A proven system + and the motivation to actually follow through!

With the Female Musician Academy, there is a proven system here for you to follow, no matter what stage of your career you're at.

You can pick your stage and implement the key business activities to grow at that stage.

Then, as you go through, you can pick supplementary programs to add-on.

You can finally get off the education-hamster-wheel and get down to learning, creating, working, playing and mopst importantly, growing.

The thing here is you don't have to pick and choose, or worry about what courses to buy next (and what to leave on the shelf) because we have every corner covered.

With the Female Musician Academy, you can finally build a career on proven principles that you HAVE to have in place; then tailor your career to the future you see for yourself. And we'll be supporing you every step of the way..
Go From Unknown Indie Musician To Profitable Professional
The Female Musician Academy is the step-by-step program that shows you how to create a living, breathing asset - a raving fan base - that you can monetize again and again. 

As you progress through the 5 Stages of Music Career Growth, you gain confidence, build your marketing and business skillset and experience increasing momentum. 

As this "snowball effect" starts to happen, the result will be a larger and devoted fan base, continuous bookings, and stable income.  

This is your one-stop music resource to build a Profitable Music Career
Here's What You'll Get Inside the Academy:
The Step-by-Step Blueprint ($997 Value)
Stage #1 – The Foundation
Learn the basic foundation you need to build a full-time musician business. From motivation and focus, to finding your artist brand, creating your website and social media presence, becoming a confident performer and getting savvy at key business basics.
Stage #2 – The Promotion
How to create your first "freemium" and promote it in the right places, the right way. Learn to build your email list from scratch and uncover all the best marketing strategies to get the word out. You'll get an insight into house concerts and booking strategies, begin to network and nail your recordings.
Stage #3 – The Expansion
Take your email list from 500 to 2500, learn advanced Facebook strategies from paid to organic promotions, get the inside view of expanding from house concerts into bigger venues and mini-tours plus additional ways to expand your income.
Stage #4 – The Automation
Learn how to grow your team, create an online sales funnel, learn about advanced digital marketing tools, deep insights into crowdfunding and how to do a deep analyse of your progress so you know you're on track.
Stage #5 - The Profession
Your fully-fledged career is nearly here! Learn advanced crowdfunding strategies, additional high-income opportunities plus get ready for management and licensing.
Plus BIG Bonus Courses to Help You Grow Within The Stages:
"Profitable House Concerts" Course - Value $197
Stop Hassling With Promoters, Club Owners, Door Splits, & Low Attendance. 

Instead, use our powerful Step-by-Step Blueprint to Book, Promote & Perform Profitable House Concerts
"Design Your Music Business" Course - Value $97
Double Your Productivity & Profit From Music In The Next 90 Days.

Go deeper into planning, goal-setting and creating a fool-proof execution plan for your musician business.
"Facebook Ads Made Easy" Course - Value $197
Create A System Using The Power of Facebook Ads.

Seamlessly Transform Complete Strangers Into Raving Fans Who Regularly Support Your Music.
"Get More Done In Less Time" Course - Value $97
5-Days Jump-Start To Goal-Setting, Organization & Productivity

Create a simple yet powerful plan for getting more done in less time so you can grow your musician business without feeling overwhelmed.
Plus TONS of Workshops from Music Industry Experts
35+ Expert Workshops - Value $3,000+

Workshops on specific topics like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vocal Training, Law of Attraction, Tax Savings, Music Administration, Music Licensing, Building An EPK, Website Design, Branding and SO many more.
Plus WEEKLY Group Coaching & Q&A To Help You Get "Unstuck"
WEEKLY Group Coaching Calls - Value $2,000

Imagine hanging out with a group of like-minded musicians right in a zoom room where we talk about everything you're struggling with. You'll get your questions answered and learn from others' questions and experiences too. This is one of the BEST perks of Academy membership. Just ask our members...
Plus our Super Supportive Sisterhoot Community (Priceless!)
Total Annual Value: $6,585+ 😲
$6K+ Value With A Musician-Friendly Price!  
Join the Female Musician Academy and get Full Support through Courses, Coaching & Community for as little as $59 TODAY!

Inside the Academy You Get
The 5 Stages of Music Career Growth, Plus Courses, Coaching & Support To Keep You Accountable So You Can Start & Scale 
a Profitable Music Career.
The Female Musician Academy Includes:
● Bree Noble's Complete 5-Stage Music Career Roadmap.
● "Get More Done In Less Time" 5-Day Jumpstart.
● "Facebook Ads Made Easy" to run simple + profitable Facebook Ads.
● "Profitable House Concerts" to help you create your own house concerts.
● "Double Your Productivity & Profit" to effortlessly execute your plans.
● Online group coaching calls WEEKLY with Bree & the community
● Super supportive Sisterhood Community of members to cheer on your wins & uplift you when you're facing challenges
Your SUCCESS is our #1 goal which is the reason for WEEKLY coaching calls to keep you on track!
What Members Are Saying...
“I've tried other programs & wasted time listening to things that didn't apply to me. I’ve found Bree’s Academy to be the best, most personalized, supportive, value packed online music business program out there.” 
 - Maggie McGovern

"Thanks to Bree, I’m now playing regular gigs and making money!”
 - Carlene Thissen

If you are a female artist who is wanting to take your music from a hobby to career, I highly recommend working with Bree Noble. She truly has a passion to help other artists find their way and succeed. I am so thankful for all she has done to help me and so many others. Thanks to Bree, I made $500 at my first house concert."
 - Kim Krenik

I have learned more in a month with Bree than I have learned collectively over the last 3 years. If you are a female working in the music industry in any capacity you should definitely join this Academy."
 - Chari Sanders
Why they love the Academy
One Last Reminder of What's Inside the Female Musician Academy:
● Bree Noble's Complete 5-Stage Music Career Roadmap. 
● "Get More Done In Less Time" 5-Day Jumpstart
"Facebook Ads Made Easy" to run simple + profitable Facebook Ads.
"Profitable House Concerts" to help you create your own house concerts.
● "Double Your Productivity & Profit" to effortlessly execute your plans.
● Online group coaching calls EVERY WEEK with Bree & the community
Super supportive Sisterhood Community of members to cheer on your wins & uplift you when you're facing challenges

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