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What Artists Are Saying About WOSRadio & Podcast...
"Bree goes the extra mile."
Emma Klein
"Sending more music soon!"
Margeaux Jordan
"WOS helps Indies shine!"
Katherine H Almeida
Jason & Tiffany 
Over Alders
"Our song 'Smile' was played on Women of Substance podcast episode 81. Since that podcast, and the subsequent promotion, we have gained some new fans ranging from the casual listener to fellow musicians. Thank you so much Bree for WOS!!."

"We have had a great experience working with Bree and her staff. WOS radio & Podcast provides an outstanding service for the Indy artist and an outstanding value! Thanks Bree for your support."
Angie Star
Why Submit Music to WOSRadio & Podcast?

Women of Substance works extremely hard to create opportunities for exposure, publicity and promotion for our Indie Artists. The desire to open doors for talented Indie female artists was one of the main reasons Bree Noble started WOS Radio and it is the driving force behind everything we do - we consider this our mission.

We created WOS Radio to give Indies a platform to be heard alongside well-known artists so that listeners would tune in to hear "the hits" and discover and "fall in love with" new music by Indies in the process. Promoting Indie Artists was the major reason Bree created our 5 day per week Podcast. 

The #1 Award-Winning Podcast allows us to share new music with listeners hungry to discover new songs and artists. We also share links to purchase the songs on iTunes in our show notes.  We are constantly striving to grow our fan base for both the streaming radio station and our Podcast through our weekly newsletter, strategic social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Clammr to name a few and through advertising.  Bree Noble gives interviews on terrestrial radio, other Podcasts, Blogtalk Radio and YouTube to promote the show and our artists.  She also works tirelessly to develop relationships with strategic partners in the music business who believe in our mission and are eager to promote WOS.

The members of our music review board are extremely busy with other musical and business projects. Your submission fees go to pay for their time and other station costs like software, web properties, administrative employees, streaming costs and more.  We are NOT making money on your submissions fees.  This is NOT a pay to play model. The small fee we charge goes to pay for the reviewers' time, but does not guarantee airplay. Only the quality of your submissions can guarantee airplay.  We look forward to reviewing your music!

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