The Indie Music Profit Plan
Ready to create a self-sustaining music career?
We'll help you build a raving fan base & a solid income
Kim Krenik,
"Bree Noble was the person who propelled me forward and gave me the knowledge and tools to find my way. "
About "The Indie Music Profit Plan" Course
The proven, easy to follow process for building a solid career plan, a raving fan base 
and a steady income from your music.
  • You have a unique gift to share. 
  • You are a passionate, creative musician.
  • There is a perfect audience out there for your music who is eager to attend your shows, purchase your music and support your future projects.
  • You just need to know how to attract them, engage with them and monetize them.
"Bree builds relationships. She encouraged me & answered all my questions every step of the way."
Char Seawell from duo Windfall
"Because of Bree's classes and inspiration, I'm making money with music"
Carlene Thissen
"The best, most personalized supportive, value-packed music business course out there."
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You're excited...but you have so many questions...
  • How do I setup my website and social media to attract my perfect audience?
  • How do I attract new fans to my music?
  • What do I do with them once I have them on my list?
  • How do I get them to invite their friends?
  • How do I use social media to build my fan base?
  • How do I lead my new fans down a path, in the most effective and non-sales-y way possible, to buy my music?
  • What other ways are there for me to increase my revenue through my fans?
  • How can I get them to get excited about supporting my new projects?
  • And how do I do all this when I have a full time job, kids to raise or whatever else consumes my time?
Don't worry! We'll help you every step of the way.

The Indie Music Profit Plan is the step by step program that shows you how to create a living, breathing asset - a raving fan base - that you can monetize again and again.

We will take you by the hand and walk you through every single detail, in order and in a clear and easy to follow framework.

We will make it crystal clear each week what your goals need to be, what you are expected to do and when, and the results you will get.

We teach the what and the how. Our focus is practical, actionable steps and how-to trainings (so you never get stuck). No value generalities allowed!
Here's what you will learn in 
The Indie Music Profit Plan
12 Weeks of Guided Instruction 
& Live Q&A Calls
  • Plan - Determine where you’re going in your career in detail. You don’t want to skip over this step. It’s vital, just like the blueprints for a house that tell you to build the foundation first, you need to build your career on a solid foundation before you jump to the next step. In this step you’ll also get a firm hold of your schedule, your priorities and your time-management so you know that everything you’re doing in your music career has purpose and forward motion.
  • Platform - Setup your platform. Decide on your “branding” or the way you’re going to portray yourself as an artist. Create your website, your social media presence, your email service provider and “plan of attack.”
  • Promote - Setup your “ethical bribe” or value exchange to attract new fans. This should be in the form of a free download. It’s important to set it up right so you get real fans and not just freebie-seekers. Learn how to promote your "freebie" everywhere.
  • Proliferate - Build your email list. This includes getting your first 100 email subscribers. There are several strategies for getting new fans for free online, tactics for getting tons of new signups at shows, and many other great ways to get new fans onto your email list.
  • Participate - Engage with your fans. This includes specially crafted welcome emails, automatic emails designed to sell your music, what to write about and when to send them, and more. On the social media side, you need to know what to post and how often to post specific kinds of content. You also want to use tools that help you find great stuff to post that your fans will love and that make your life easier so you don’t have to spend all your time online.
  • Profit - Make some money. Here’s where you start to drill down on optimization strategies for getting quality bookings, selling out your inventory at the merch table, and creating subscription plans that will bring in steady income.
  • Prospect - Finally, you want to explore the world of crowdfunding. This will allow you to finance future projects instead of using your savings to create an album you’re not sure if anyone will buy.
Plus several valuable bonuses
  • Productivity Hacks - Learn the productivity secrets of the most successful business owners. How to organize your day to be wildly productive. The most important 20 minutes of your day and how to spend it. and more.
  • Booking workshop with Expert Guest Louis Vasseur - Learn tips and strategies to improve your bookings from an Industry veteran.
  • Crowdfunding Lessons Learned with Katy Laurel - Learn from an artist who has run several successful (and a few unsuccessful) crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Weekly Office Hours - Weekly group coaching calls to get all your questions answered by Bree.
  • Private Community - A private community just for IMPP students to ask questions, discuss the course, network, form valuable personal and business relationships with other artists and more.
  • 3 Months of BandZoogle - The website and newsletter service all my students use.

Try The Course For 30-Days 100% Risk-Free

Here's why I offer this iron-clad guarantee...

While building the Indie Music Profit Plan, I tested out many of the popular programs for Indie musicians only to find that most provide only surface-level information, re-hashed tactics and generalizations by people who work in the music business but have never LIVED it as an Indie artist. 

That just frustrates me. I only care about developing super high-quality material full of proven strategies, systems, worksheets, templates and more that lead you tangibly forward down a path to success in music.

I know this material works. I used it to create a self-sustaining music career, and now I use it in my business everyday.
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